Coping & Learning to Thrive after Being Shunned

What do you do when close family members and friends shun you, because you no longer believe as they do? It is particularly challenging, when the shunning has been mandated by a predatory pseudo-religious group, like Watchtower. And especially onerous if you were born into the high-control group.

Unfortunately, mandated shunning is being experienced by thousands of former Jehovah’s Witnesses today.

That is why I am so excited about shouting out praises for Bonnie Zieman’s new, ground-breaking book, SHUNNED: A Survival Guide, which is exclusively devoted to educating the reader on how to cope and learn to thrive after being shunned:

If you are currently being shunned, are contemplating being ostracized in the near future, know someone who is being abused with this inhumane practice, or just curious about this nasty form of emotional blackmail, Bonnie’s book is a must-read.

Three highlights of the book, at least for me, are:

What not to do when being shunned
How to deal with people who shun you
How to manage the worst effects of shunning



Coping & Learning to Thrive after Being Shunned — 3 Comments

  1. Shunning is emotional blackmail at it’s worst. We will never know the number of suicides this barbaric practice has led to.

    • Peter, you are absolutely right about the number of suicides as a result of shunning. Hopefully, Bonnie’s book can educate JWs, ex-JWs and the public about this barbaric practice and save lives.

  2. What I found helpful along my ten some years out of the organization, was searching To understand GOD, the creator of all things living and inanimate.
    God without religion is basis for increasing true knowledge and understanding. Realizing that most information is corrupted including the Bible and religious dogmas and mind influencing, controlling to ones harm.
    Truth known and expressed in past lives and literature does set one free. Most of what people think they know of God is corrupted and WRONG. So getting away from proving the wrong and attaining truth helps overcome.
    God helps us appreciate life, creation and understand death. A cycle as in all other creations.
    God does no harm, everything is for our good. Humans have corrupted and are abusing and keeping beneficial opportunities from others. SAD

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