A Resource: Therapy for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses


I realize that it’s just a book, but I suspect readers will develop a very comfortable relationship with Bonnie Zieman during the course of their read. She is an exceptional writer who has actually been there, done that, and even heard “that” a hundred times. And, if someone is being shunned and shamed as an ex- Jehovah’s Witness (no matter how many years they’ve been out), as they read Bonnie’s …Healing Handbook they will thoroughly enjoy Bonnie’s presence, acceptance, and positive regard for others.

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Watchtower and Blood: Ever Changing

Blood for Transfusion

Those of us who have followed the subject and watched the Blood Doctrine morph over the years, realize that the Watchtower’s leaders are making it up as they go along. The sad thing for us to consider is that many Jehovah’s Witnesses who died because they followed the Watchtower’s guidelines – even relatively recently – would be alive today if the current rules were effective when they had to make their fateful decision. InFrenchButton-2

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Resources: Identifying and Resisting “Undue Influence”


This is the third and final article in a series about the clear and present danger of undue influence in the manipulative hands of charlatans, con artists, abusive partners, and cults. In this post, we will explore positive practices that directly address undue influence, identifying needed research projects, a questionnaire to test your knowledge and awareness – and finally a call to action.InFrenchButton-2

Best Practices & Resources

There have been pockets of success involving groups and individuals who have been educating the public about undue influence. Their efforts are creating a broader awareness of the prevalence and danger of undue influence and suggesting effective ways to help victims recover.

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AAWA Rewarded with Tax Exempt Status from IRS

AAWA now qualifies as a non-profit charity

AAWA now qualifies as a non-profit charity

We are pleased to announce that on April 17, 2015, Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA) was awarded 501 (c) (3) status from the US Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury.

So what does that mean for our future?

Per the letter from IRS, “We are pleased to inform you that upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses – AAWA are deductible under section 170 of the Code.

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Let Me Repeat: “Undue Influence” is a Growing Plague

After reading my first article on the prevalence and danger of “undue influence,” I’m sure that many of you may have questioned my ability to edit my own writing. Some readers may have thought that I’d developed some strange quirk – or simply lost my mind.InFrenchButton-2

No, I haven’t lost my mind. And yes – I did repeat the descriptive phrase “undue influence” 22 times in that article. I’m sure that many readers considered my essay to be a textbook example of an excessive use of a single two-word combination. I broke the rules and simply ignored my grammar checker as it kept firing off complaints about my repetitive behavior. Why?

Because I wanted to burn those two words forever into your conscious mind!

What scares me – and it should terrify you as well – is that undue influence may be the fastest spreading plague that most people are oblivious to, because they simply do not understand how this mentally debilitating “control process” works.Danse-macabre-public-domain

If you paid attention and share my concerns, this second article should prove enlightening and helpful as I explore and suggest various ways we can try to stop this fast-growing menace.

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