Watchtower Caught in a Lie


Stephen Lett told a lie. There is no other way to describe it – it was simply a lie. There was not one bit of truth to it. And, as my father used to describe misrepresentations like this one – it was “a whopper.”

When analyzed more closely, there were several components to his public statement that were all provably untrue. During his speech, Watchtower Governing Body member Lett was basically trying to convince his followers not to believe the facts. While the following is not a direct quote from the video or from Mr. Lett, he might just as easily made the following statement:

“Effective today, ‘black is white, up is down, and north is south.’ Don’t believe what anyone else says or writes about how we handle child abuse within our organization. Don’t believe your lying eyes, your lying ears, or those lying court documents. We don’t lie about anything. Satan the Devil just wants to make you believe we do.”

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Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a Cult?

If they were honest how would they vote?Report by Richard E. Kelly

I am often asked, “Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a cult?” In fact – it’s likely that many Jehovah’s Witnesses may wonder and ask themselves that question every time they go to meetings at their Kingdom Hall or to a large convention in some distant city.

When I am asked to respond to that question, my preference is to suggest that they should try to find the answer for themselves. To help start that discovery process for those of you who may wonder what the facts suggest, I want to share the following information:

Cults have two distinguishing characteristics:

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TRUTH BE TOLD – Press Release

The following press release is being distributed to news agencies and other media groups on January 5, 2015.

Tel. (646) 530-8300 – E-mail:

TRUTH BE TOLD is Now Available

A Documentary Unmasking the Jehovah’s Witnesses Culture of Undue Influence

[NEW YORK, NY – January 5, 2015] The highly anticipated feature documentary TRUTH BE TOLD is now available for digital download and streaming. The film is especially timely as the world community responds to the clear and present dangers posed by religiously motivated fanaticism and their use of psychological coercion.

TRUTH BE TOLD is a feature-length documentary film about children growing up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. The title refers to the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ perception that their beliefs, and only their beliefs, are “the truth.”

In this film, former Jehovah’s Witnesses candidly discuss their experiences, including the effects of proselytizing door-to-door, shunning non-believing family and friends, suspension of critical thinking, suffering the discouragement of being blocked from pursuing career dreams or participating in higher education, and the refusal of Witnesses to keep societal holidays and customs (including Christmas).

“We’re exploring the oppressive hold the Watchtower Society has on its members,” says director Gregorio Smith. “And while TRUTH BE TOLD is of natural interest to former and active Jehovah’s Witnesses, we believe it will appeal to and educate the general public about the harmful side of this particular high-control group.”

The abuses explored in TRUTH BE TOLD are part of a wider examination into the Jehovah’s Witness culture of mental and emotional manipulation of members, referred to as undue influence and psychological coercion by cult and mental health experts, which violates the fundamental human rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their families worldwide.

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“Truth Be Told” – the Current Status of Gregorio Smith’s Documentary


[Please Note: This is a major update and revision to an article originally published April 20, 2014]

The big buzz within the ex-Jehovah’s Witness community over the past eighteen months has been news about Gregorio Smith and his documentary film “Truth Be Told.” Smith, a professional film maker, and the documentary he produced catches on camera the sobering but true life stories of former Jehovah’s Witnesses who were unduly influenced as children.

In recent months, other than additional preview screenings of the film in major cities in North America, there have been very few updates about the current status of the documentary until now:

Huffington Post article by Danielle Tumminio (12/02/2014)

PDF of the above article

Before I announce more updates about the film, I want to share some personal information about Gregorio Smith, the 40-year-old film maker.

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Jehovah’s Witness Culture – Say What?

 Salutary, Pathogenic and Pathoplastic Aspects of the Jehovah’s Witness Culture:
Say What?

By Richard E. Kelly

Igor Pietkiewicz, Phd

Igor Pietkiewicz, PhD

I am pleased to share a research paper that was published this month in the Journal of Family Studies about the culture of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) living in Poland. It is the work of Igor J. Pietkiewicz, from the Psychology Faculty at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Katowice, Poland.

Don’t let words like salutary, pathogenic and pathoplastic scare you. You can replace salutary with “beneficial”, pathogenic with “harmful”, and pathoplastic with “how culture allows individuals to express their symptoms and problems in a socially meaningful way.” Restated, the object of the study is to report:

Beneficial, Harmful and Modeling Aspects of the Jehovah’s Witness Culture

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