Can you be any happier than this?

John Cedars and friends (including a few who are AAWA advisors and volunteers) have put together this light-hearted and joyful video based on the widely popular song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Just sit back, turn up the volume, take your monitor to full screen and just enjoy the moment!

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How the Watchtower Uses Undue Influence to Enforce Its Blood Policy


Contributed by: Marc Latham

Cora and I have never felt better about a visit to the hospital than we did on Friday, March 28, 2014. It wasn’t a routine health checkup for sure, but rather a presentation that, with Cora’s help, I made at the London Royal Hospital. Actually, it happened right in the center of the Emergency Department within a seminar room. Our audience included attentive groups of doctors, nurses and trauma specialists.

Cora and I were there as representatives for both AAWA and AJWRB (Associated Jehovah’s Witnesses for Reform on Blood). Our objective was to share some much-needed information about the secretive world of the Watchtower Society.

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Our First Anniversary: What a year it has been!


Over a year ago, a group of compassionate and caring people began discussing the possibility of setting up a not-for-profit organization that would shine the bright light of truth on the Watchtower Society’s most harmful policies.

Their organization would focus on policies that violate the basic human rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They would emphasize the protection of children and women relating to physical and sexual abuse – as well as from other forms of domestic violence.

The April 2014 AAWAke! newsletter is now available to download here
or on our Newsletters page.

That in itself was a lofty goal. But they also decided that they would not overlook the Watchtower’s prohibition on the medical use of blood, their over use of extreme shunning, or their ongoing resistance to post-secondary education for JW children or adults trying to improve their skills and personal income.

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Who Is There to Fear?

Contributed by: Ruben Ortiz

“An apostate walks into Bethel…”

Bo Juel inside Brooklyn Bethel

Bo Juel inside Brooklyn Bethel
[Click for larger versions]

Nope – that is not a joke.

During his recent visit to the United States on March 21, 2014, Bo Juel Jensen brazenly walked into the Watchtower’s headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, New York and obtained a copy of the large version of the new New World Translation.

When Bo was also offered a Bible study by one of Bethel’s workers, he respectfully informed him that he was a principal volunteer with AAWA (Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses), even handing him his AAWA business card. The look he received from the Bethelite is priceless.

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Pedophile Warning Flyer Available in Spanish

pedo preacher

AAWA’s very popular “Who is knocking at your door?” single page handout is now available in Spanish on our Flyers and Handouts page. A quick link is listed under Publications in our header menu.

Jose Perez, one of our valued multilingual volunteers, was kind enough to translate for us and arrange to make it available in PDF format.

If you want a text or Word document version of the flyer, please contact and he will arrange to get you the version you need.

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